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Tears of Chiwen



The Chiwen is a legendary animal decoration used on the both ends of the oriental ancient buildings’ roof ridge. Known as the dragon’s son, it is good at spewing waves and making rain, which helps prevent fire and bring good fortune to the house. Tears of Chiwen is a metaphor. Tears symbolize water, happiness and sadness. Since the recent history of East Asia began, each country has absorbed Western cultures in its own ways, and now takes on a new look of Westernization. The work Tears of Chiwen is a reflection on the modernity of East Asian Culture in the context of globalization.

鸱吻,东方文化中古代建筑屋脊两端神兽,龙之子,善喷浪降雨。设鸱吻之像于屋脊,以压火灾,喻避灾防火吉祥之意。 鸱吻之泪是一种暗喻,东亚诸国近代历史开端以来,分别于东方学习西方文明,时至今日发展出不同的西化面貌。泪,既是泪也是水,亦喜亦悲,鸱吻之泪是在全球化语境下对于东亚文化之现代性的反思。

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Sun Xun


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