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Hyeseon Jeong




The Backpack of Wings: Modern Mythology


Asia Premiere

The backpack of wings: Modern Mythology' represents a speculative future scenario by supposing the computational earth with animal sensory networks. In this scenario, the network is not only used for conservation and environmental monitoring, but also for commercial insurance infrastructure for natural disaster early warning systems. Would wild animal agents recover their activities as part of the terrestrial sensor or oracle that they had in the myths of the distant past? The film explores the intersection between the east asian seismic mythologies and the scientific approaches, and it bridges the initial concept about curiosities and beliefs towards nature. Through a perspective of each agent: ornithologists; blackbirds; an insured person; a rapping bird, the film draws possible changes in their interaction and biology. Thus, it alerts to a techno-fixational optimism, throws points of resonance for thinking about the implication of tracking technology and using animal movement.


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Hyeseon Jeong

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