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Gala Hernández López



French, English

The Mechanics of fluids


La mécanique des fluides
Asia Premiere

In 2018, a user called AnathematicAnarchist published a suicide note in an online forum for incels – a subculture of heterosexual men whose self-pity, misogyny and fantasies of violence dominate the internet in many places and trigger offline actions in some. Did he really take his own life? Is America responsible for his death, as he claims in his text? A search for clues in the darkest corners of the net, an essay about pain and loneliness in the age of algorithms.

2018年,一位名为Anathematic Anarchist的用户在一个网络论坛上发表了一篇关于incels的遗书。Incels是一种异性恋男性的亚文化,他们的顾影自怜、厌女倾向和暴力幻想充斥了互联网的许多角落,甚至在一些地方发起了线下行动。Anathematic Anarchist真的自杀了吗? 美国真的像他遗书中所说的那样,该对他的死负责吗?这是一部关于算法时代的痛苦和孤独的作品,试图在网络最黑暗的角落寻找线索。(申雨夕)

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Gala Hernández López

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