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Miguel Ángel Calderón


Spain, Peru

No Dialogue

The Oblivion of Mirrors


El olvido de los espejos
Chinese Mainland Premiere

The Oblivion of Mirrors is a film set in the Peruvian Amazon that connects past and present through documentary, fiction and 3D animation. It reflects on the Western gaze and its extractivist practices, particularly the rubber boom of the 19th and 20th centuries. Specters from a tormented past remind us how the region has been historically forgotten and how we tend to see this space as alien.

Shot from a first-person perspective and guided only by the sounds of nature, the film presents an exploration of the jungle from dawn to dusk. The journey is contemplative, similar to the outsider’s gaze filled with desire, which is then subverted by introducing an ethereal presence during the night, proposing propose a visual language based on the contrast between the natural and the artificial, speaking about our ability to forget and our fear to face that which we don’t want to see.


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Miguel Ángel Calderón

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