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Gao Juan




The voice



The documentary is set in the backgroud that the government replaced rural primary schools with town schools. It tells a story about the teacher Wu Zhisi and four students in Luming Primary School of Luming Village, Zuoquan County, Shanxi Province and recorded the choice made by teachers and students in this background. This work shows the disappearing process of a rural elementary school hidden in the mountains and the passive choices of this five families influenced by this event.

鹿鸣村,位于山西省左权县,地处太行山区,山村生活平静恬淡,时间缓慢而悠长。这里的学校组成独特:一个老师,一个班级,四名不同年龄的孩子。村中唯一的老师武志思在 20 年间送走了一批批学生,他带着孩子们学习、读书、玩耍,五人之间的关系更像是一家人。而今年是学校的最后一年。学习和成长的艰难是每个人的必经之路,学生的矛盾,家长外出务工和手机、电脑的冲击等都在课堂上表现的淋漓尽致。1 个老师+1间教室+4 名学生=?本片想要给出一个解读。

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