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无对白 No dialogue

The Worldly Cave



From Minhougeqi Village in Fuzhou, to Menorca in Spain, from Fán Dòng in Shoguan, to

the sea of Inchon, from the foot of Dafu Hill, to the Sonoran Desert. Images and reality are

constructing a topologic booklet. No scripts, no stories, the light became the protagonist,

the landscape became the protagonist.

Here in Fán Dòng, the Hakka people have all moved away from the place where generations

of their families lived. Before the execution of the new development, all the villages on this

land will soon be buried into continuous much dunes. On the open grounds, there stocked

huge piles of second-hand machines which would be resold in the southeastern countries.

Estate investigation teams gathered in different groups, were talking about the potential

prices of the land. After passing some huge muck dunes, between two higher muck dunes,

the hunters built their sheltered pits and birds traps in the air. They tied a bee to a

transparent string as it would lead them to the beehives hidden in the cracks. Fishermen

even found a source of fish in the swamp that connects the groundwater. The men and

women in the giant ferroconcrete caves on the clouds were still chattering about the

bullfrogs from lunch.

从福州闽侯葛崎村,到西班牙梅诺卡岛 Menorca;从广东韶关凡洞,到仁川 Inchon 的海面,
从番禺大夫山脚,到索诺兰沙漠 Sonoran Desert。影像与现实正在相互构建出一部地形手册。
凡洞,这里 Hakka 客家人已经全部迁离了他们的世代居住之地。在新的发展蓝图实施之前,这片土地上的所有村落很快被重新覆盖而成连绵的土丘。空地上,囤积着低价倒卖往东南亚的大批的二手机器,地产考察团三五成群地讨论着潜在的地价。绕过大片土丘和洼地,两座更高的土峰之间,猎人们修筑起避风坑,并架起了空中的捕鸟网,他们将一直野蜂绑在透明的细线上引路,来寻找隐藏在土缝中的野蜂窝。渔人们居然在联通着地下水的泥洼地内发现了鱼源。云层中的巨型钢经混凝土洞穴中的男女还在絮叨着午餐时的牛蛙。

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Zhou Tao


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