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Time in New York



I carried a roll of thread with me to document the traces of my everyday activities when I lived in the apartment in New York. Day after day, the thread became the evident of my movement around bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom; while at the same time, this thread of time has changed constantly the way I moved across the space, till a point that even the most basic motion became very difficult. There is plenty of time with boredom. In this way, every single movement I make seems like a work, and became an ego need. There are often a few seconds that I forget where I am when I wake up. Through this way I want to test how I adapt to living in New York.

我用线团系在身上,记录我在纽约公寓里每日的活动轨迹。这些绳子日复一日地留下我在卧 室客厅厨房卫浴间之间穿行线索,时间的绳子也不断地改变我穿行的动作,逐渐连基本的移 动都变得困难起来。无聊的时间很多,而这样看来自己的一举一动看起来都像个工作,也成 为是一种自我需要。睡醒起床常会有那么一秒钟忘记自己在哪里,我希望以这个方法来测试 我对纽约的适应程度。

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