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辛云鹏 Xin Yunpeng 叶秋森 Ye Qiusen


Yanqi Lake


World Premiere

The film recounts the story of a young artist who gradually comes to term with the mundanity of life. The 35-year-old artist, Duan Shuyi is driving with his friend. They share similar experiences in life, they understand each other, and they agree to disagree. As they grow older, their dreams and fantasies are shattered by the burdens of everyday life. They have to give up the young and free lifestyle and conform.

影片讲述了一个年轻艺术家慢慢接受日常生活的心理过 程,35岁的艺术家段术一开车带着朋友,他们有着共同 的经历和现实遭遇,相互了解又充满分歧。随着年龄的 增长,他们的幻想渐渐被日常生活击碎,不得不回到体 制内接受一份按部就班的工作。

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