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虹吸 Siphon - Experimental Film Cartridge-Exhibition 实验电影容器


在科学技术飞速发展、影像语言变化万千的当今,我们有必要保持一种反思的态度,同时理解介质带来的时空变化在艺术呈现中的重要性。 BISFF2019 将在“虹吸”单元展示 13部来自世界各地的实验作品。(丁大卫)

"Siphon" phenomenon is a kind of natural countervailing force. Three sets of curve screen with displaying problems and an HD digital projector constitute a unique and imperfect image container which bridges viewer's abnormal watching experience to their familiar but not recognized device. Through Siphon, light and shadow are twisted as an unpredictable sensory tunnel, and viewers will feel like traveling back to the analog signal age in a dream. This is a combination of two video presentation mode—Installation exhibition and live screening, and it contains not only a sense of space but also a choreography of time.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology, image language changes a lot. Siphon makes people aware of the attitude of reflection, at the same time, understands the importance of spatial and temporal variations presented by the medium in the art. BISFF2019 will show 13 experimental works from around the world in the "Siphon" presentations.(Ding Dawei)


4:3 04:48 United Kingdom No Dialogue Ross Hogg 2019


鸟乳 04:44 Canada No Dialogue Chris Strickler 2018

Boy transcoded from phosphene

眼闪转码成的男孩 02:07 Brazil No Dialogue Rodrigo Faustini 2018


天光 01:30 Japan No Dialogue Michael Lyons 2018

Digits of Pi

圆周率的数字 03:14 United States English Tom Bessoir 2019

Exit Strategy #4

逃跑策略#4 08:50 United States No Dialogue Kym McDaniel 2018

Field of Infinity

无尽之地 05:22 United Kingdom No Dialogue Guli Silberstein 2018


花 04:17 United States English Chaerin Im 2018

In Time, Its Flow

时间漂流 04:37 United States No Dialogue 2019

Land Shape #1

地形1号 04:50 Germany No Dialogue Thadeusz Tischbein 2019

Push/Step (Hurt me real bad)

推搡/踏步(狠狠伤害我) 04:34 United States No Dialogue 2019

Lichtphon Art-Avant X

Schmutziges Licht 脏灯(灯的先锋艺术之十) 07:35 Germany No Dialogue Schahram Poursoudmand, Yoann Trellu 2018


07:19 Germany No Dialogue Josephin Boettger 2019

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