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BISFF评委 Jury Member - Hafiz Rancajale

Hafiz Rancajale

Hafiz Rancajale是一个在印尼无处不在的流动的“游击队长”,他既是重要的艺术家,也是艺术生态的搭建者。1994年,他毕业于雅加达艺术学校(Jakarta Institute of Arts - IKJ)后,就活跃在90年代以来印尼所有的艺术、影像、音乐场景中。在1998年印尼大规模的民主运动推翻苏哈托独裁政权之前,Hafiz 曾经开过一个广告公司。2002年,他和Ade Darmawan创立ruangrupa(2022年卡塞尔文献展策展团队),2003年,他创立OK.Video 雅加达国际录像艺术节(2003 - 2011);2003年,他创立以电影和实验影像为核心媒介的艺术集体Forum Lenteng,2013年以来,他是雅加达国际纪录片和实验影像电影节-ARKIPEL的主席。

Hafiz Rancajale (b. 1971, Pekanbaru, Indonesia) is an artist, curator and one of the founders of the collective ruangrupa and Forum Lenteng. Hafiz often works in video, using the form of the documentary; for him, film or cinema is not just entertainment, but can be seen as a product of culture, education and visual knowledge. Some of his films include: Alam: Syuhada’ won award  at Indonesian Film Festival (2005), 'Rangkasbitung: A Piece of Tale’ at the Yogyakarta Documentary Film Festival (2011) and 'Behind Flickering Light' (2013) at Dubai International Film Festival and Yogkyakarta Documentary Film Festival, Raging Soil at the Indonesian Film Appreciation (2014). He was initiated OK. Video Festival and act as artistic director in 2003 - 2011. In 2003, Hafiz spearheaded ‘Forum Lenteng,’ a community engaged in alternative education and the development of audio-visual media knowledge. He was an artistic director and curator for Jakarta Biennale 2013 SIASAT. In 2013, Hafiz initiated ARKIPEL Jakarta International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival. He is the artistic director for ARKIPEL since 2013 - now. He lives and works in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Beijing International Short Film Festival-2019


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