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BISFF2022|国际竞赛单元奖项揭晓 International Competition Award


BISFF2022 Reboot International Competition Award



All the Things You Leave Behind

Chanasorn Chaikitiporn

BISFF2022 评审团评语
在众多通过对解密档案和公开文献进行重新剪辑加工的研究型影像创作中,Chanasorn Chaikitiporn对开放素材的批判性虚构可谓独树一帜。结合人称和视角的转换,以及对图像、声音和叙事的精细处理,本片召唤出一段鲜为人知的泰国历史中冷战幽灵。(蔡影茜)
Amidst the plethora of research-based image creations involving re-editing and processing of decrypted archives and public documents, Chanasorn Chaikitiporn's critical fictionalization of open-source materials stands out as a distinctive endeavor. Through the fusion of shifts in personal perspective and narrative viewpoint, coupled with meticulous handling of imagery, sound, and storytelling, this film summons forth a segment of Thailand's little-known history, evoking the specter of the Cold War era.(Nikita Yingqian Cai)


Face to Face

Florent Mahoukou

BISFF2022 评审团评语
When analyzing the short film "Face to Face" from the perspectives of narrative logic and visual language, it may initially appear deceptively uncomplicated. The author, who embodies the role of a dancer, promptly transports the audience to a coastal setting located north of Cape Noir, utilizing the "body" as the primary vehicle of immersion. Through choreographed bodily movements reminiscent of dance, the protagonist seamlessly navigates between mirror reflections and physical reality, establishing a consistent motif that permeates the entire film. Accompanied by a minimalist voice-over narration, the author candidly elucidates their motivations for departing and returning to this specific locale—the Congo.
Nevertheless, I contend that the film's narrative straightforwardness does not render it simplistic. On the contrary, the author's astute fusion of bodily performance and self-referential storytelling accentuates a profound sense of self-awareness within the narrative subject. It is only by comprehending the bodily performances within the film as an embodiment of subjectivity that the intricate contextual fabric of the film, featuring scenes juxtaposing reflections and reality, can be woven together. Examples include the evocative portrayal of a harbor that historically facilitated the transportation of enslaved individuals, contrasted with the author's floating suitcase adrift at sea; the enigmatic interplay between the dusty streets of Congo and the mirror's depiction of the author adorned in formal attire; and the introspective reflection of a person being constrained by their own neck juxtaposed with the captivating presence of local internet celebrities known as "Congo Hippies."(Yu Guo)


Tears will remain

Leri Matehha

BISFF2022 评审团评语
This 13-minute short film demonstrates a remarkable conciseness in both its narrative and structure. Its audiovisual materials originate from the author's on-site research conducted between 2018 and 2019 in Bakhmut, a small town in eastern Ukraine, focusing on the local historical context. The film showcases a meticulous and precise approach in presenting factual information and crafting the narrative. Whether it is the investigative interviews regarding the weight of the "communist statues (that once stood here)" or the historical exploration of the town's extensive production of "socialist champagne" during the Soviet era, the author deliberately avoids relying on commonly criticized contrasting, puns, and symbolic rhetoric, such as wine and blood, celebration and tears, religious sacrifice, and historical tragedies. Instead, through astute and inventive on-site cinematography, a delicate balance is struck between documentary evidence and artistic expression, while maintaining a calm and composed directorial approach. This combination empowers the film to possess a deeply moving power within its thematic exploration. Finally, it is crucial to add that as the eastern frontline of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, the town of Bakhmut currently lies in ruins. Its people and armed forces continue to endure the longest and most ferocious battles. Let us offer our prayers for Bakhmut and its inhabitants.(Li Jia



Emma Braun

BISFF2022 评审团评语
In the film, Sophie, the central character, assumes the role of a chimney cleaner. Engaging in solitary activities such as waiting for the bus at dawn and navigating rooftops of different houses, she displays proficiency in handling a variety of unfamiliar cleaning tools. However, Sophie's narrative transcends the visible aspects of her work and delves into her encounters with various individuals within the private realm of their homes. These encounters shed light on the experiences and insecurities she faces due to her gender and profession. While the director maintains an apparent sense of detachment, the serene black-and-white cinematography employed in the film offers a profound and emotionally evocative portrayal of a female laborer, imbued with dignity and nuanced depth.(Nikita Yingqian Cai)


GPS signal lost

Pierre Voland

BISFF2022 组委会评语
Pierre Voland通过超8毫米黑白胶片图像和虚构的在线约会软件界面,在古法语诵读的中世纪骑士文学和冰冷的机器语言中,奇妙地将极远和极近的两个模糊精神体缓缓拉近并交叠在一起;晦暗落雪的山林将“奇遇(avventura)”内核连同其无法通往的“爱欲”(eros)不动声色地承载起来;主体的双重“去肉身化”暗示“叙述”已成为一种玄机重重的,具备强拓展性的图像行为,也使电影成为趋近于布雷耶(Émile Bréhier)所阐释的“可言之物”(lekton),它“介乎思想与事物、言词和世界之间”,“向着语言而来”。(BISFF组委会)
Pierre Voland employs a combination of Super 8mm black-and-white film imagery and a fictional online dating software to create a captivating artistic composition. Through the recitation of Old French Chivalric romance and the incorporation of poised machine language, he masterfully draws closer and overlaps two vague mental bodies that exist in extreme proximity and distance. The enigmatic essence of the narrative is conveyed through the obscure, snow-covered mountain landscapes, carrying the kernel of " avventura " and the elusive realm of " eros " in a subtle manner. The dual process of "de-embodiment" experienced by the subject not only suggests a profound exploration of the narrative, but also signifies a powerful and expansive visual expression, aligning with the concept of a " lekton " as expounded by Émile Bréhier. In this context, the film moves towards language, bridging the realms of mind and reality, words and the world.(BISFF organizing committee)


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