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华语竞赛单元奖项揭晓 Chinese Competition Award


火箭发射时|When a Rocket Sits on the Launch Pad

刘博濠 Liu Bohao

作者富有灵性的影像处理,自如地游走在现实与超现实之间,影片打破了纪录与剧情的界线,一切在凝练果敢的切割与重构中显现出现实的机理。- 李睿珺
The author's spiritually rich visual treatment seamlessly navigates between reality and the surreal. The film transcends the boundaries of documentary and narrative, revealing the mechanisms of reality through concise and bold editing and reconstruction. - Li Ruijun

小丑|Guilin Clown

陶立海 Tao Lihai 

导演用最直接的方式记录自己的生活。没有回避,没有粉饰。影片鲜活、粗砺,你甚至会被刺痛。每做一部片子就是自己的一段生命。且行且珍惜,希望导演能继续坚持做下去。 - 周浩
The director candidly captures their own life in the most straightforward manner, eschewing evasion or embellishment. The film is vivid and raw, evoking even visceral responses. Each cinematic creation represents a chapter of their existence. Let us appreciate the journey, and may the director persist in their endeavors. - Zhou Hao

送行|On Another's Sorrow

颜皓轩 Hao Hsuan Yen

 一个台湾破碎家庭的日常被丝丝入扣的剧本和视听诠释带入充满奇思妙想的境地。一对姐弟为母亲举办葬礼的经历入微地刻画了世态人情、感人至深。- 张真
The daily life of a fragmented Taiwanese family is intricately woven into a script and visual interpretation that leads into imaginative realms. The siblings' experience of arranging their mother's funeral delicately portrays human nature and societal complexities, deeply touching the heartstrings. - Zhang Zhen

少昌|All About Shaochang

徐佩瑶 Xu Peiyao

自如勇敢地游走在剧情非剧情的边缘地带,作者和家人一起真情出演追怀早逝亲人的治愈旅程。- 张真
With fearless agility, the author and their family navigate the borderlands between narrative and non-narrative, engaging in a heartfelt portrayal of a healing journey to commemorate a departed loved one. - Zhang Zhen



How to Imagine the Unimaginable

刘广隶Liu Guangli,陈梓睿 Chen Zirui

The film creatively identifies subtle and poignant points of transition between personal archives and public archives, overlapping and juxtaposing memory images generated within two systems, AIGC and organisms, which operate within drastically different contexts and signifiers. These memory images are repeatedly traversed through a contradictory symbiotic relationship, weaving through the interstices of literature, ethics, and media archaeology. The film ingeniously subverts subject-object dichotomy, suggesting the inherent absurdity of the crisis caused by AI technology within the image economy at its core, while also revealing deeper issues often selectively forgotten within the capital chain—the crisis of memory iteration and survival. - BISFF organization committee


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