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BISFF2023|ECHO Archival Film档案电影单元





An immeasurable thing

Henry Rangaru claimed his witness of the "immeasurable" (l'impondérable) in Lumière Brothers' films: steam trains passing through mountain tunnels, paper boats floating in park ponds, light-colored umbrellas in the hand of women walking in the streets of Paris ... These 19th century images seem to have a mysterious calling energy, even a modicum of sound manages to change the density of the air around viewers, leaving a breath from another era behind us.

Each element involved in the self-organization of time and space fabric has the ability to cast a complete historical shadow. In the corners of some historic sites, around a piece of brick or a touch of vermilion paint, we may find its so common to discover the trails of connection among parts and between those parts and its entirety. When film becomes one of those elements in the propagation from point to surface, and at the same time serves as a variate for the generation of connections between each element, not only can the self-organizing nature of the time and space fabric be proven, the film viewers are also able to share the joy of historians and archivists. This kind of delight, however, has much more meaning than a birth of riddle game, additionally it is also the consequence of listening to echoes from past. As a medium for the transmission of echoes, films that echo the sounds of old bells finally break through the external objectification of both me and history, establishing a bodily bond between the audience and history.

The 17 films in the archival film unit provide us with 17 opportunities to establish bodily bonds with history. Family videos, personal records, documents, old photographs... these glimpses of history revive itself on the screen at a pace of 24 frames per second. The audience seems to sense the turbulence in the surrounding air - the air of immeasurable is coming against our faces, once again. (Written by Li Bowen)

(Translator:Du Jin yu)

(Proofreader: Tsering Lhadron)

Villa Madjo | 马德乔别墅

Elen Sylla Grollimund

2023 | 0:13:25 | Belgium | French|亚洲首映 Asia Premiere

So That Tonight We Might See | 让我们今夜相见

Bea Hesselbart

2023 | 0:14:55 | USA | English|国际首映 International Premiere

Une femme légère | A light woman | 轻盈的女人

Isabelle Putod

2023 | 0:27:23 | France | French|中国大陆首映 Chinese Mainland Premiere

Soft Focus | 柔焦映像

Ardin Klimenti

2023 | 0:12:30 | UK | English, Albanian|亚洲首映 Asia Premiere

Мен кiммiн? 23 | Who am I at 23? | 23 岁,我是谁?

Arman Kairzhan

2023 | 0:22:56 | Kazakhstan | Kazakh, Russian|中国大陆首映 Chinese Mainland Premiere

SPELL | 咒语

Khalil Charif

2023 | 0:06:00 | Brazil | No Dialogue|中国大陆首映 Chinese Mainland Premiere

The Time Boat/Siam | 暹罗


2023 | 0:29:00 | China | Chinese Dialect

An Exemplary Punk | 模范朋克

Diandra Arriaga

2023 | 0:10:24 | Mexico | Spanish|亚洲首映 Asian Premiere

She Sings for the World | 我妈和我


2023 | 0:18:39 | Canada, China | Chinese Mandarin, English|亚洲首映 Asia Premiere

Nostalgia | 乡愁

Weerapat Sakolvaree

2022 | 0:12:56 | Thailand | Thai|中国大陆首映 Chinese Mainland Premiere

Birthday Cakes From China | 生日蛋糕恭祝你福壽與天齊


2023 | 0:19:33 | China | English, Mandarin Chinese, Yue Chinese (Cantonese)|世界首映 World Premiere


Ana Maria Ferro

2023 | 0:15:45 | Colombia | Spanish; Castilian|国际首映 International Premiere

Johannes Lõhmus

2023 | 0:22:50 | Estonia | Estonian|国际首映 International Premiere

Lost Paradise In Two Reels | 双卷失乐园

Luca Ferri

2023 | 0:07:29 | Italy | Italian

Maria Schneider, 1983 | 玛丽亚·施奈德,1983

Elisabeth Subrin

2022 | 0:25:10 | France, USA | French, English|中国大陆首映 Chinese Mainland Premiere

Why i never became a driver | 为什么我没有成为一个司机

Yuula Benivolski

2023 | 0:11:07 | Canada | English|世界首映 World Premiere


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