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Charline Dally

Charline Dally is an artist based between Lille (France) and the unceded territories of Montréal/Tiohtià:ke/Mooniyang. She is currently studying at Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains, following a training in visual arts at UQAM (Montreal), as well as in self-hypnosis as a creative tool at creative tool at the Gaïté Lyrique. Her practice investigates perceptual thresholds, subtle shades of light and color, as well as in those bodies and voices that dwell at the limits of the visible. Using the qualities specific to video medium, writing, and painting, she aims to soften the limits of the gaze to make it evolve beyond the surface that holds it.

Charline Dally是一名正就读于法国国立当代艺术中心的艺术家,现居法国里尔。她曾在魁北克大学学习视觉艺术,其作品研究了感知的阈值,光线和颜色的微妙色调,以及在那些可视范围内的肉体与声音。通过运用视频媒体、文字和绘画的特点,意指软化凝视的限度,使其发展能够超越表面现象。 (Yuchen Lu)

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