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Kim Kyung Man

Born in 1972, KIM Kyung-man became interested in old documentary movies, newsreels and propaganda films and has devoted much of her work to re-editing footage from these sources she directed, edited and produced her debut short documentary Long Live His Majesty. This was followed by Things That We Shouldn't Do and Learned Fear and Delusions of Grandeur. In 2004, she participated as one of the directors on Independent Film Maker's Project To Abolish The National Security Law. In 2006, she made the short The Structure Of Goliath and also took on camera duties for the non-fiction feature The Description Of Bankruptcy. She next made <The Fool Doesn't Catch a Cold> and then helped out on The Color Of Pain and Brain Communication. In 2012 she finally embarked on her feature-length debut, releasing the documentary An Escalator in World Order. Immediately successful, the film earned awards at the Jeonju International Film Festival and the Seoul Independent Film Festival. Her sophomore work People Passing By also picked up a Determination Award at the Seoul Independent Film Festival. Among her subsequent works, the short film Beep was invited to screen at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2014.

KIM King-man出生于1972年。她对旧式纪录片,新闻片和宣传片有着浓厚的兴趣。她投入了大量工作来重新编辑她曾执导,剪辑和制作的首部短纪录片《Long Live His Majesty》中的影像资料。之后她又对她的另外两部短片《Things That We Shouldn't Do》 和《Learned Fear and Delusions of Grandeur》进行了重新剪辑。 2004年,她以独立电影制片人项目的导演身份参与了废除国家安全法活动。 2006年,她拍摄了短片《The Structure Of Goliath》,并担任纪实类电影《The Description Of Bankruptcy》的摄像工作。之后她制作了《The Fool Doesn't Catch a Cold》,并参与了两部电影《The Color Of Pain》、《Brain Communication》的拍摄工作。 2012年,她终于开启了她的长片首秀:发行了纪录片《An Escalator in World Order》。影片公映后立即获得巨大反响,相继在全州国际电影节和首尔独立电影节上斩获奖项。而她的第二部作品《People Passing By》在首尔独立电影节上获得了决心奖。在她的后续作品中,短片《Beep》曾应邀在2014年多伦多国际电影节上放映。



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