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Nier Castielroy

Born & raised by an artist family with two different cultural backgrounds; Japanese & Indonesian, Nier (Jakarta, Indonesia 1995) studied the art of filmmaking at the Jakarta Institute of Art. He majored in editing, directing, cinematography, photography and production design.
In late 2014, he founded I SPEAK WITHOUT VOICE Studio or ISWV Studio, an Independent Production House with a studio for offline editing and audio mixing.
At the start of his career, he is known for his provocative and experimental style, with psychological, thriller, mature, violent & gore short films. He won several national awards. Then as he progresses, he developed and started to explore other genres keeping his style, especially in editing. Nier believes filmmaking is his calling and his true passion in life. Some of his acclaimed films: Muka’Ku (2016), Martyr: The interview (2020) and Lena’s Requiem (2021)

Nier Castielroy于1995年出生在印尼雅加达。日本和印尼两种不同的文化在其出生并成长的这个艺术之家里交融。Nier随后在雅加达艺术学院学习电影艺术,主攻剪辑、导演、摄像等。
2014 年底,他创立了一家独立制作公司-- I SPEAK WITHOUT VOICE Studio(ISWV Studio),通过工作室开展离线编辑和音频混音业务。
他在职业生涯初期以其挑衅和实验风格闻名,拍摄了一些充满了心理、惊悚、理智、暴力和血腥元素的短片,屡获国家级奖项。 随着不断成长,他在保持个人风格的基础上开始发展并探索其他的创作领域,尤其是剪辑。 Nier 相信电影制作是他的使命,也是他对生活的真正热情之所在。
而他的电影也广受好评,包括:《Muka’Ku》 (2016), 《Martyr: The interview》 (2020) 和《Lena’s Requiem 》(2021)。

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