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唐菡 Tang Han




Ginkgo And Other Times


世界首映 World Premiere

Humans live on the same planet with ginkgo—a living fossil that has been around for 200 million years. However, ginkgo may be nothing more than a street tree, integrated in the city; as urban planners often choose it because of its prominent ability to adapt to various climates and resist pollution and pests. Through the exploration of the ginkgo tree and inspiration from ecological ethics in nature writing and Ancient Chinese folk tales, this film critically examines shifting human greed, the interconnectedness between humans and nonhumans, and con- templates the continuity of life and the temporality of the ginkgo in relation to that of other existences. Trees act as witnesses, conveying different dimensions of the story through the different cycles of life.

人类与银杏这一已存在了两亿年的活化石共同生活在同一个星球上。在我们的当代生活中,银杏作为行道树而融入城市, 由于它有突出的能力去适应不同气候且抵抗污染和虫害。影片对银杏展开探索,从自然写作和中国古代民间故事中的生态伦理观中汲取灵感,批判性地审视了人类欲望的扩张与转变、人与非人类之间的相互联系,并思考了银杏和其它存在之间的生命连续性和暂时性。树木作为见证者,以它们不同的生命周期来传达故事的不同维度。

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唐菡 Tang Han

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