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Jonathan Lee


Netherlands, USA

English, Korean

How To Make Kimchi (or How To Be Korean)


How To Make Kimchi (or How To Be Korean)
Asia Premiere

How To Make Kimchi (or How To Be Korean) is incidentally not a film about how to make kimchi. Weaving together archives and intimate homemade footage the piece rests itself on the anchor of family. Through this anchor point the past is explored and reconciled with imagery from the Korean War and ideas of nationality are questioned and probed. What does it mean to be Korean? What does it mean to be American? Will I lose all my connection to my Koreanness when my parents pass?
Wrestling with these questions, the piece acts as a patchwork, picking up and stitching together folk tales, family dialogue, and the past, hoping with an open honesty and love to find answers to the question of belonging.


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Jonathan Lee

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