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María Rojas Arias


Colombia, Portugal

Spanish; Castilian

Open Mountain


Abrir Monte
Asia Premiere

On July 19, 1929, in a town in Colombia, a group of shoemakers fought to improve living and working conditions in the country. They called themselves The Bolsheviks of Líbano Tolima. Their revolution lasted only one day, and its traces were almost completely lost. The women of this village share with Aura, an anarchist grandmother, a feeling that their rebellion is still going on.

1929 年 7 ⽉ 19 ⽇,在哥伦⽐亚的⼀个⼩镇,⼀群鞋匠为改善该国的⽣活和⼯作条件⽽奋⽃,他们称⾃⼰为利巴诺托利马的布尔什维克。但他们的⾰命只持续了⼀天,⼏乎没留下任何痕迹。祖母奥拉是⼀位⽆政府主义者,这个村庄的妇⼥都与她⼀样,认为她们的反抗仍在继续。

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María Rojas Arias

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