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王文泽 Wong Man Chak




The Kowloon Emperor


Chinese Mainland Premiere

Wing Kwong Street in To Kwa Wan was included in the scope of reconstruction by the Community Improvement Bureau and the demolition works will start soon. The "Kowloon Emperor" Ah Choi is aware that an evil spirit, “Guangde Princess” was being trapped under the ground in that area 400 years ago. She was murdered by the ancestor of Ah Choi during the post-war period and she is ready to take her revenge. Ah Choi warned the Community Improvement Officer, Ah Yat that he must assist him to destroy the evil spirit otherwise Ah Yat will face his tragic deadly ending. After experiencing continuous miserable accidents, Ah Yat was left with no choice but to begin his journey of hunting evil spirit with Ah Choi.

土瓜湾荣光街遭社区优化局纳入重建范围并将进行清拆工程。 “九龙皇帝”曾文财得知该带的地底封印着一只女鬼-广德公主,是祖宗在四百年前所杀害的战后亡魂,并随时破土而出,届时定必生灵涂炭。他警告负责重建的社区优化局专员柯少一将面临杀身之祸,若要避过此劫,二人必需合力用茅山法术歼灭恶灵。半信半疑的阿一经历屡次血光之灾后,被逼与阿财踏上斩妖除魔之路。

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Wong Man Chak


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