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BISFF2023 Screening Schedule in Shanghai


Click here to download the full program

BISFF will host a screening event at the Department of Culture and Education of the German Consulate General in Shanghai from December 14 to December 17, 2023. All the screenings are free to entry. 

12月14日 · 周四 14th December Thursday

19:10-21:10  Special Screening-1

12月15日 · 周五 15th December Friday

19:10-21:10  Special Screenin-2

12月16日 · 周六 16th December Saturday

13:10-14:30  新星竞赛单元 第1组 NOVA Competition-1

15:10-16:30  国际竞赛单元 第3组 International Competition-3

17:10-18:30  华语竞赛单元 第1组* Chinese Competition-1*

12月17日 · 周日 17th December Sunday 

13:10-14:30  国际竞赛单元 第1组 International Competition-1

15:10-16:30  新星竞赛单元 第2组* NOVA Competition-2*

17:10-18:30  华语竞赛单元 第2组 Chinese Competition-2


*Different from the Beijing screening schedule, slightly adjusted

Special Screening - 1



Ultimate Bliss|至高幸福

Semiotics of the Home|家庭符号学

The Goose's Excuse|鹅的借口

Three Sisters|三姐妹


Special Screening - 2

Her Times | 她这样度过了一天

The Tomato Girl | 海都是海

Throwing Forth|投掷

Memories of the yellow river | 热河

Take Me To New Zealand|马桶,断指,新西兰

Upon that River | 之江

NOVA Competition-1



Serpêhatiyên Neqewimî|Things Unheard Of|沉默故事


Mångata - The Road To The Moon|通往月之路

International Competition-3

How the wooden structures survived in my mind木结构如何在我心存续 

De Imperio|De Imperio|来自帝国 


映像書簡あぶり出し·あそーとABURIDASHI Assortment: Video Letters written in invisible ink炙出系列:隐形墨水的视频信 


Natureza Humana|Human Nature|人性 

Chinese Competition-1*

Roller Coaster | 过山车经过的岛

How to Imagine the Unimaginable|如何想象不可想象之物

Performance | 表演

Guilin Clown | 小丑

International Competition- 1

Caro Mostro|Dear Monster|亲爱的怪兽

The Enlightenment|启蒙

Смерть статиста|Death of an Extra|多余的死亡

March 8, 2020: A Memoir|2020年3月8日:回忆录

Blue, Woman, Dress|蓝色 女子 裙子 

Manuale di cinematografia per dilettanti – Vol. IA Companion for Amateur Cinematographers: Vol. I业余摄影师指南:第一辑 

NOVA Competition-2*

Angry Fish|愤怒的鱼

La Ilusión TransparenteThe Transparent Illusion|透明的幻想


Let the sun rise|太阳照常升起


Chinese Competition-2

Sojourn To Shangri-la | 是日访古

Ginkgo And Other Times|银杏和其它时间

Wind Blows the Greenhouse|风吹小三亚

All About Shaochang | 少昌

When a Rocket Sits on the Launch Pad|火箭发射时


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